Unified Brand Presence, Why it Matters.

When it comes to digital marketing, different channels have different levels of importance to an e-commerce agency. Top of your list may be paid media, followed by email marketing, followed by influencer marketing etc.

It is quite rare to find an e-commerce business who has every marketing channel optimized and consistently meeting monthly targets. Any time I have ever found a company who is checking all of the boxes, they have very impressive monthly revenues to match.

Having a unified brand present across your core marketing channels is critical for long term growth. Let’s take an example – say you’re spending $50 a day on Instagram advertising. Your ads are probably reaching around 5000 people a day. Out of these 5000 people, how many are going to click on the ad and visit your Instagram profile? A lot more than you would predict. If you are not posting consistent, high quality organic instagram posts to match, this is going to have a big negative effect on your ads you are investing so much into.

Yet so few ecommerce businesses put any time or attention into their organic Instagram posts as it is not directly connected to sales.

Our goal is to make this simple for a business owner, and put each of your marketing channels on autopilot. We make sure your content matches across all channels to ensure a unified brand presence, that grows month over month.